GP RLV Training

With the GP RLV Training you can learn everything you always wanted to know and learn about RLV, form the very basics, technically use, tips, tricks, and even have the chance to practice.

In in our GP RLV Training Cave System you have different sections:
  • General Basics
  • Separate Section for Doms and Subs with special focus on the particular needs and how to handle RLV as a Sub or Dom
  • Collective Section to practice together
There are no costs for the GP RLV Training except of a one-time fee of 300L$ for the group to join. With the "GP RLV Training Group" you have access to the Training Cave System, to all vendors, get free stuff you need to start with it all and can use the items / furnitures for practicing.

The GP RLV Training will soon open its doors, in the meantime you can profit from our Promo Offer:

You can join the needed group for a "early joining fee" of 1/2 of the price already (so 150L$ only!)!

Visit our GP RLV Training Promo Spot at the GP Landing Point for more information and the chance to join the group for just half the price!