Premium VIP Members

The PREMIUM VIP is a very exclusive group for (dominant) Gentlemen Guests of Gentleman's Paradise. As a member of this group you profit from the following advantages:

- free Mini - Lap Dance (10 mins) at every visit (please wear your Premium Tag so our girls know to give you your Lap Dance ;)
- free access to all GP Rooms
- you automatically get the VIP Group too (so two groups for one ;) - which gives you access to the VIP Garden so you can use our fun offer "AFK Doll Service"
- preferential service

And there is more:

You do not only get teased for free with the Mini - Lap Dance every time you visit Gentleman's Paradise. As a thank you for your support and interest we pay out
                         ==>> 1.000 L$ to the Gentleman who had the most bookings in a month (Payout always happens at the last day of a month)!

How to become a PREMIUM VIP Member?

To enjoy the advantages of this exclusive group there is a ONE-TIME fee of 1500 L$ to join the group. Please ask Cordelia Serenity or one of our Escort Girls for an invite.

Why do we ask the one-time fee?

We want to keep this group very exclusively and only available for really interested members to give everybody the best and highest experience and benefit.

What does Life-time access mean?

Life-time access means that you only have to pay the fee for the group ONE TIME. As long as you are in the group you benefit from all advantages this exclusive group offers you. There is no monthly renew. Tho if you leave the group and want to rejoin the fee is due again.

************** To join the exclusive GP REMIUM VIP Group please contact Cordelia Serenity or one of our Escort Girls for an invitation. The fee will be due when you join the group. If you have any more question or need any more information, please contact Cordelia Serenity. **************

We are looking forwards to welcome you soon to the "inner circle" of Gentleman's Paradise!