GP AFK Dolls Service

Use us while we are afk ;)

We are proud to provide you this funny, kinky, sexy service - the GP AFK Dolls Service. This is an exclusive service for our VIP and Premium VIP Members only! It is for you to have some fun even if our girls are not actually available on stage - but you still can play with them ;)

In our VIP Garden you find several spots with RLV based picnic blankets, well hidden behind hedges. Occasionally you also may find naked girls standing or sitting around there - that is when you just can hop on the blanket too and have your way with our sexies!
When being afk and ready to be used our girls have their RLV enabled so you can lock them down on the blanket, play with them. They also announce via Group Notice in the VIP and Premium VIP Group when they are there and ready for you :)

Please do not forget to release them when you are done!

How to get the GP VIP Groups:
Every Gentleman who books one of our Escort Girls for a Private Dance, D/s or GF Experience, Private Time or BDSM Session gets an invite to the (general) GP VIP Group.

You also have the option to join our Premium VIP Group for more advantages and get the VIP Group with this too.

Read here about our Premium VIP Group and all the advantages that comes with it!